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Chinese Antitrust Exceptionalism


  • Analyses Chinese antitrust law in the broader context of China's developing global economic presence


  • Explores the ways in which bureaucratic missions, cultures, and structures of administrative agencies can play a crucial role in shaping the enforcement agenda, investigative approach, and final regulatory outcomes in China


  • Describes how Chinese antitrust law can be transformed into a powerful economic weapon to counter aggressive U.S. sanctions


  • Examines the new difficulties that Chinese firms will encounter as the U.S. and E.U. regulators tighten scrutiny over investment and trade from China

A Best Political Economy Book of the Year by Promarket

Chinese AntiTrust Law


China’s rise as an economic superpower has caused growing anxieties in the West. Europe is now applying stricter scrutiny over takeovers by Chinese state-owned giants, while the United States is imposing sanctions on leading Chinese technology firms such as Huawei, TikTok and WeChat. Given the escalating geopolitical tensions between China and the West, are there any hopeful prospects for economic globalization?


In her compelling new book Chinese Antitrust Exceptionalism, Angela Zhang examines the most important and least understood tactic that China can deploy to counter western sanctions: antitrust law. Zhang reveals how China has transformed antitrust law into a powerful economic weapon, supplying theory and case studies to explain its strategic application over the course of the Sino-US tech war. Zhang also exposes the vast administrative discretion possessed by the Chinese government, showing how agencies can leverage the media to push forward aggressive enforcement. She further dives into the bureaucratic politics that spurred China’s antitrust regulation, providing an incisive analysis of how divergent missions, cultures and structures of agencies have shaped regulatory outcomes. 


More than a legal analysis, Zhang offers a political and economic study of our contemporary moment. She demonstrates that Chinese exceptionalism—as manifested in the way China regulates and is regulated, is reshaping global regulation and that future cooperation relies on the West comprehending Chinese idiosyncrasies and China achieving greater transparency through integration with its western rivals.

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Q&A with Author Angela Huyue Zhang on her new book  ' Chinese Antitrust Exceptionalism"
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"Angela Zhang offers a deeply insightful and thought-provoking account of China’s antitrust policy today. Showing how law, economics, and politics interact, Zhang reveals the peculiar place that China occupies in the world of antitrust today—both as a controversial regulator and as an elusive target for foreign antitrust regulators.  The book is astute, engaging, and highly compelling. It is a timely contribution that is a must-read for anyone interested in antitrust law or China’s role in the global economy."


Henry L. Moses Professor of Law and International Organization, Columbia University and author of The Brussels Effect

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